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Things I never thought my kids would say…

“I’ll walk the dogs again!”

In this COVID world, we’ve all incorporated new lingo into our day. Words like social distance, unprecedented, re-imagined, and masking. In the confines of our little home throughout the last year our kids have also thrown out a few lines I never thought I’d hear them say (without prompting). Some of these are from the beginning of the pandemic, yet still apply.

I’m going to walk the dogs.

I’ve never had this much work.

I want to go back to school.

Teachers REALLY ARE helpful

I am SO tired of looking at my phone.

Can I make tortillas/waffles/pancakes? (many, many carbs)

Quiet! I’m studying for Chemistry.

I just finished a Physics lab on ZOOM.

I’m going to practice my scales on my saxophone.

I just finished organizing all of my socks…I found every match.

I’m going to go clean the bathroom.

I’ll wash if you dry the dishes. (we pretended the dishwasher was broken)

Mass is at 10:00 on Sunday, let’s meet in the living room.

I just reorganized my closet.

I’ll make dinner.

I started a project that’s due in two weeks.

As exhausting as this pandemic has been, our kids have been quite resilient and have stuck together. Pushing each other (more like relentlessly poking) to get the work done and get up the next day and do it again. 

Over the last year, COVID has pitched us some mean curve balls…but now we’re ready. As each four-seamed ball is tossed at us, we’re ready for the break. We’re masked, vaccinated, prepped for the test, stocked with paper products, and can measure six-feet with barely a glance. 

On faith and fitness…

Do some cathartic cleaning and tackle that sock drawer. Find all the matches and say some Our Father’s while you work. Sing Amazing Grace if you actually find every match!




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