Being a Mom, running, and writing are my staples.


Sure, like most moms, I agonize over the wrong things:  starting school projects early, cello practice, flushing.  But it truly is the job I love, the one I want to be grateful for, and never complain about.  I love answering all of the before-bed queries, when utter exhaustion entices our kids to ask OUR advice.  I adore watching the kids succeed, I love making lunches…okay, now I’m just lying. Honestly, understanding the family dynamic is what I crave; each member has their duties (kids: laugh here), and makes their impact.

Running (or any sweat-inducing exercise):  

A vehicle for clearing the mind, and thinking about my role, my purpose.  I’m not a fast runner, nor do I look like a runner, but wow does it make this mom happy.  Plus, without the run/workout, my children all know I turn into a mean, bossy pants mom.


Most days I think about starting a blog.  I plan time to write, then clean instead, sit at the computer to write, then volunteer for PTA jobs instead.  Then, I spend the rest of the day reprimanding myself for not writing, justifying it by thinking my Dad would truly be my only reader. And, really, he’d like anything I wrote, so I’ll start my blog after a nice run.  Then the kids get home from school, and the cycle continues.

Why Runonmom?  

Two reasons, okay three.  Primarily, I am a mom.  A mom that loves to run – as I get older, my joints hate it, so I’ll do any exercise that infuses a touch of seratonin in my system, or, I’ll have to purchase the crankymom.com. domain.  Secondly, in my writing, I tend to ramble.  Not in a bad sense. It’s just that over the last 12 years, I’ve kept a journal of our funny, touching, and hard-to-believe family stories and I go on and on and on.  Lastly, Runonmom.com is just plain catchy.

Thus:  runonmom.com.

Off we go!  Remember, pace yourself as a mom and a runner, life is a marathon, with joint pain.


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