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A lot of women have come to understand that you can’t just show up and say I’m unhappy, you have to then go out and do something.

First of all, I’m not unhappy, but here is my SOMETHING…that I hope makes a difference…

I’m Lucretia Cahill.

I have a loving, super funny husband, three of the coolest kids I know and definitely two of the liveliest dogs. Ever.

Our loud home is filled with laughing, crying, barking, and inside jokes. The busy days are as exhausting as they are exciting and I truly appreciate you letting me share my stories with you.

At runonmom.com, I’ll:

  1. share why I love being a mom, why running (even with hammertoes), keeps me sane and the reason writing grounds me.
  2. reassure you you’re not alone in the parenting race, 
  3. hopefully, make you laugh a little
  4. post relevant content so you have a reason to pour yourself a cup of coffee and join me.

Why Runonmom?  

Two reasons, okay three.  Primarily, I am a mom.  A mom that loves to run – as I get older, my joints hate it, so I’ll do any exercise that infuses a touch of serotonin in my system. If not, I’ll have to purchase the crankymom.com. domain. Secondly, in my writing, I tend to ramble.  Not in a bad sense. It’s just that over the last 17 years, I’ve kept a journal of our funny, touching, and hard-to-believe family stories and I go on and on and on.  

Lastly, Runonmom.com is pretty catchy.

  • Motherhood:  

Sure, like most moms, I agonize over the wrong things:  my kids not starting school projects early, cello practice, flushing. But being a mom is the job I love, the one I am grateful for, and never complain about (out loud) ;).  I love answering all of the before-bed queries when utter exhaustion entices our kids to ask OUR advice.  I adore watching our kids succeed, I love making lunches…okay, now I’m just lying. Honestly, understanding the family dynamic is what I crave; each member has their role and duties (kids: laugh here) and makes their impact.

  • Running (or any sweat-inducing exercise):  

A vehicle for clearing the mind, and thinking about my purpose.  I’m not a fast runner, nor do I look like a runner, but wow it makes me happy.  Plus, without the run/workout, my children all know I turn into a mean, bossy pants mom.

  • Writing:  

Most days I think about sharing my story. I plan time to write and clean instead, sit at the computer to write and end up volunteering for PTA jobs instead. The rest of the day I spend reprimanding myself for not writing, justifying it by the fact that my dad would truly be my sole fan. And, really, he’d like anything I wrote, so I’ll start writing after a nice run. Suddenly the kids are home from school, and the cycle continues.

Thank you for joining me. Remember, pace yourself as a parent and a runner. Life is like a marathon: relish the downhills, reset on the flat road and power fiercely up those inclines. The race is shorter than you think.

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