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“Son los años compadre”

Mom and Dad feeding corn to the visiting cranes.

Lenten Reflections #20

Lately I’ve been hearing the line, “I’m becoming my mother” more and more from my friends. Luckily I scored with a mom who nourished us with love and common sense. She measures her words like a baker uses a knife to level the flour across a measuring cup, precise without an ounce of overflow. If she says it, she means it. One of the many traits I’ve picked up from my mom is threading “dichos” or sayings in my conversations.

So when I was home with my parents, I made a list of all of the Spanish and some “Spanglish” sayings they use. One that I hadn’t heard my parents say to one another is: “Son los años compadre.” It’s the years, my friend.

This came up numerous times as my parents went about their day.

That 24 hours that was once filled with trips to the dentist, poker games or the commissary is now a memory. Not only due to the restrictions COVID has imposed, but as the saying goes, “Son los años compadre.” Aging takes its toll on all of us. I complain about arthritis and then I see my Dad’s fingers who my mom teases because anytime he tries to point at something, the tip of his finger points south. “Watch Dad point” she tells me chuckling…it’s always something on the ground he needs.”

Their routine continually changes, zipping around in the truck to run several errands, and detouring to yard sales just doesn’t happen anymore. They still spend much of the day working in the yard that they are so grateful for, yet the amount of work wanes with the years. “We feel like if the sun is out, we should be out.” says Dad. So they plant and prune, check on each other, feed the cranes, rearrange the woodpile, take apart anything that has metal and can be recycled, and breathe in the fresh air.

Once back inside, the aches and pains kick in and through all the “Ay, yai, yai’s” I can hear Mom say, “Son los años compadre.”

Dad replies, “Yo se, pura ay, yai, yai.” (I know all I say is ay, yai, yai).

They have a good laugh, a glass of water, Pedialyte or Boost and decide to rest and play solitaire on their Ipads.

On Faith and Fitness

Today try to do some push-ups. On the floor, on your knees, wherever. Dad does at least 5 every morning up against the wall right when he wakes up. Then count your blessings.

My father’s wit, and my mother’s tongue, assist me!

William Shakespeare

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