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Far from perfect parenting

Lenten Reflections #7

The moment you realize…

you’re at the shoe store and your child’s feet are a size 6 and they are wearing a size 3. Oops and Ouch.

you washed your favorite shirt in a load of rags and now you’re cleaning the bathroom floor with it.

you told your child (a little too loudly) not to “hold going to the bathroom” at a sleepover because he “WILL get a stomach ache”.

you’ve just remade every bed in your home even though they were already “made”.

your parents were right when they said to always live within your means.

your daughter grew two inches, you’ve already hemmed her orchestra dress, and the concert is tonight.

your parents were pretty cool to show up to every game, concert, 4-H event and so much more.

you’re singing along loudly to the School House Rock CD in the car and no kids are present.

your child has holes in his socks and he’s figured out the fold and tuck method to make them work.

your child says, “Now that I’m in 3rd grade, can I call you Mom instead of Mama?” and you say “Um, No.”

you are price matching at Publix.

you’re at the orthodontist so often you get irritated when another parent is sitting in your seat. Rude.

you won’t leave the house without a coupon.

you want to make change for a $20 bill in the collection basket at church.

you just yelled “Don’t forget to say your prayers!!” to your 7th grader who is standing at the bus stop with 10 other kids.

Perfection is overrated.

Spiritual Journey of the day – embrace all your imperfections.

Workout – Walk at least 30 minutes today.






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