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On perspective


Perspectives throughout our lives change based on our experiences, environment, and interpretation. I love that this cartoon shows us the angle at which you look at something can determine your outlook. As a parent, I often feel I’m standing on one side of this picture, my kids on the other staring me down.

Is it a 6 or a 9?

Who is right?perspective


Who is wrong?


It’s all about perspective.

How are our youth today molding their worldview? And why is life through their lens so different from ours?

The teenage rollercoaster ride our kids buckle into every day is loaded with biological, social, and psychological pressures making for an exhilarating and terrifying ride. 

The main issue? STRESS.

According to, developing good physical and mental health is critical to dealing effectively with stress. Our teens today struggle with too little sleep, too much social media, and the constant search for where they fit into it all. 

In high school, I remember late nights at the kitchen table trying to focus on my World History homework. Our fruit pendant light swung casting shadows over the page, my eyes struggling to read about busy Nomads. In the morning, I knew my homework was complete and I was somewhat prepared for tests. I didn’t, however, have the stress I see teenagers shoulder today with every assignment, quiz and standardized test. 

In the article, “Why are girls more stressed out than boys?” author Lisa Damour, states:

” A recent report from the American Psychological Association found that adolescence can no longer be characterized as an exuberant time of life, full of care-free experimentation.

Except for during the summer months, today’s teens now, for the first time, feel more stressed than their parents do.

They also experience the emotional and physical symptoms of chronic tension, such as edginess and fatigue, at levels that we used to see only in adults. Studies also tell us that the number of adolescents reporting that they are experiencing emotional problems and are highly anxious is on the rise.”

I wish I could squirt a little optimistic WD-40 in their exhausted bodies, bolster their spirits and tell them whether they see the 6 or the 9, it really is going to be okay. 

Spiritual Journey:

Rosary today. Respect others’ perspectives and like the song says take “One day at a time SWEET JESUS!”


Yoga. Nice Calm Yoga.

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