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Throwback Thursday: writing as a release

40 Reflections #26: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Since 2002, I have written a journal about our family musings. Primarily this endeavor was to chronicle the funny moments in childhood parents just can’t make up. Other days logging my thoughts gave me an outlet to vent my feelings somewhere other dumping them on my dear husband the instant he stepped in the door. Today, this journal serves as a virtual memory keeper for me as it seems busy days blend altogether like the brown Easter egg dipped in every color on the table.

Yesterday I was helping my daughter study for “AP Human Geography” referred to as “AP Human” amid high school students. To parents, I think the AP stands for “A Plethora” of reading about Human Geography, but apparently it’s something different. After studying, I asked my daughter for suggestions on blog topics. She proposed writing a “Throwback Thursday” post about something from their younger years. Perfect idea! Here it is.

Note: when I asked my daughter if I could use her name, she declined, one of my boys simply stated, “sure, I’ll be famous someday anyway.” My theory, if one says no, it’s no.


On a cold day in December 2014, I jotted down a few words after a stressful day. The kids were 7, 8, and 9 at the time. Maybe you can relate to the events, or even the sentiment attached.


  • Our daughter said she “hates” school, ballet, and clothes. This was this morning on our drive to school.

  • Our middle son threatened to put tape over his brother’s mouth and made his little brother punch himself with his own hand.

  • Our youngest couldn’t think of any compound words!

  • One son is making random sounds that make me want to scream.

  • I bought our daughter tights for Chorus tomorrow night and our dog Lola took them outside, ran around with them and pierced holes in them like Swiss cheese.

  • The baby talk is out of hand.

  • (And the Mother of the year award goes to…) After frustrating words about homework were exchanged, I told our son I don’t care if he stays in fourth grade for the REST OF HIS LIFE, and he said, “Me either, then I’ll be the smartest in the class.”

  • I need to make cookies for school tomorrow as a special dessert for our daughter’s class on her birthday.

  • Our daughter told the boys she thinks Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is questionable and the elf is something you just buy.

A tough day for me, that’s all.

Ever have a day like this? Kids or no kids, 10 or 1, some days can wring out your spirit. I still have moments like these. The characters are the same, feelings are similar, only the topics have changed from ballet to bullies, reindeer to technology, and special desserts to stressful GPA’s. Gratefully, the pleasurable days outnumber the tricky, but more importantly all of my children passed the fourth grade.

Dig Deep: Take a rest day and journal. Sharing the written word is cathartic.

Lenten Challenge: Pick a Bible verse and share it with your children.

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