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Don’t cancel your annual physical!

40 Reflections #25: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

For the last three months, I have rescheduled my physical exam.

Three times!

Here’s why:

  1. SNOW. In Georgia.

I actually made it to my first appointment. I maneuvered through the rare Georgia snow, and upon arrival, I was told the office had to close so the employees could drive home before the roads iced. I was able to have my blood drawn, only to find out the office was unable to send my blood to the lab for testing due to the aforementioned snow. I hastily rescheduled over the phone, taking the next date available.


Unfortunately, the next quick appointment I made was slated for immediately after the holiday season. I’d like to think I was less vain than this, but honestly, the thought of perching myself on a scale after my busiest cookie consuming month of the year, was nauseating. Those 5 seconds on the scale could crush a gal. Plus, everyone knows summer is optimal for the weigh in, less clothes, and slip off shoes. Of course there’s always a chance there’s a nice nurse who will shave off a few pounds for clothes.


I substitute teach as often as I can while ensuring my presence at home is just enough for the kids to know I’m around. Much like the “potted plant theory”. This is when your kids get older and you’re their potted plant: close by so they know you’re there, but silent, non-invasive, and mobile.

Tomorrow is my appointment, no excuses. I’m ready to pee in a cup, kick my knee up when the hammer hits, talk about the vegetables I should eat, and try and to decipher the zillion acronyms like BMI, PAP, HPV…UGH.

Physical exams are critical to maintain optimal health, develop plans of prevention as needed, establish a family medical history, and build a positive rapport with your doctor. Sure standing on the scale and getting blood drawn are not my favorite hobbies, but luckily, taking care of my family and myself is. Please make a healthy lifestyle your priority.

Dig Deep: Plan your annual physical today! Hint: schedule for summer.

Lenten Challenge: While you wait at the doctor’s office, which you inevitably will, pray for the health of people in the room with you.


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