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just another manic tuesday

40 Reflections: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

No. 36

At midnight I realize it’s already tomorrow but my head is still in today. I know the new day arrived because I missed my Wordle window and the old word is like the newspaper The Sun to Virginia O’Hanlon’s dad, yesterday’s news, but still relevant. “Yes Virginia, if you see it in The Sun, it’s so”.

Google tells me my alarm is already set for today at 5:00 a.m. Google tends to know more than most under our roof. The hour it will start and stop raining, schedules – sports, school, my son’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, directions to the tennis match, and the fact that I love cleaning the kitchen to the song MMMBop!

The early morning gym crew was alert. I saw a man reading The Bible in his car after working out. Starting the day with a clear mind and strong heart seems right.

The panic of traffic is rekindled. Always thankful for safe arrivals. Yet, I hear five minutes to spare is never enough to start the workday right.

Tuesday trickles by like a leaky faucet. Is anyone listening in class? Have they learned? Is the day spent blabbering about behavior rather than teaching?

Kids climb into cars as we open and close their doors.

I chat with a colleague. “You are so brave” I tell her…to go out and start a new career. We have but one wild and precious life. One-shot. One chance. Changing course is okay, starting new is valiant, and believing you can is priceless.

Home again. Dinner – thank you crock pot, make tortillas – check. Announcing at the baseball game – check, PTSA meeting (ugh…5 minutes late) – check, dinner together – check, doing a lot – probably too much none at 100%…maybe 70.

Midnight trickles in again. Our son asks how to get rid of acne, and another asks Alexa the Braves score. Dogs are asleep.

I missed Wordle again.

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