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Color it beautiful

40 Reflections: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

No. 2

“Might I,” quavered Mary, “might I have a bit of earth?” “Earth!” he repeated. “What do you mean?” “To plant seeds in — to make things grow — to see them come alive.” — Frances H. Burnett, The Secret Garden

Every morning, without fail, two kindergarten girls run into my classroom to give me a hug and say good morning. Feeling like a rock star, I thought, maybe—just maybe I’m one of the cool teachers whose students visit before they go to class.

Then one morning I happened to walk into school right behind my two faithful visitors. As they buzzed down the hallway, backpacks dangling from their arms, I realized I was watching two early birds actually get the worm – the worm being morning company.

First, they stopped in the very hip art teacher’s room to pick up coloring sheets, giggling all the way. They then took a left and peeked in to say hello to the four pre-k teachers, a counselor, and the math specialist. I scooted by them, flicked on my classroom light, and plopped into my desk chair. As I clicked open the lid to my travel cup to take my first sip of coffee, in bound Jane and Kate. I’m telling you, if I had not just seen the milk run they had just endured, I would have thought with all the love they had to share with me that I was their first visitor of the day. Spreading joy and bearing gifts (coloring pages from their first stop).

I thought about this all day. More so, I was thankful for it all day. Every morning I get to watch two 5-year-olds sprinkle happiness to so many.

I pictured a dandelion puff being blown around the school carrying little bits of sunshine to everyone around.

But instead, the spores of the flower were these two sweet girls.

As Jane and Kate left my room, they handed me the coloring page they acquired from their first stop and said, “This is for you. Color it beautiful”. “I most certainly will, thank you.”

We can all use this gentle shove toward the more cheerful side of things. So take time to find joy, give joy, and spread joy.

Please pray for Ukraine.

2 thoughts on “Color it beautiful

  1. Love this story and that you got to see “behind the scenes” My prayer is that Kate and Jane never lose their propensity and desire to spread sunshine wherever they go! Were they born this way or did their parents or teachers model this for them? Knowing you as we do, the love you share has come right back through your door! How blessed are you to be on the receiving end.


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