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Lenten Reflections #34

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, student, doctor, coach, or even a priest, you’ve Zoomed or did a Google classroom, or streamed.

Students in particular have downloaded new apps for studying or “helping” and tried to prepare for the right quiz, turn in the correct lab and ultimately press SUBMIT before it’s too late. 

In school – virtual and face to face, one thing that is different this year is leniency with due dates. It’s like somewhere in a COVID accommodation rule book that doesn’t really exist, but should, there is an unwritten understanding that since we’re all trying to make the best of this COVID Titanic we’re floating on, late submissions are okay.

Therefore the workload never stops. Kids are constantly submitting, teachers are forever grading.

But wait, there’s more:

Didn’t do well on a test? Luckily, remediation is also a  big 2021 buzz word in the education world. It’s essentially a glorified “Do-over”. 

Today I should have had a blog posted. I have 90 kind followers and missed my due date. I did not press PUBLISH. In fact until today, I hadn’t even started the blog…

…because last night was like most nights in this tricky (heavy on the -icky) new normal. Our kids stayed up late clicking, searching, taking pictures of assignments, videotaping presentations or scales for the trumpet or saxophone, attaching labs, and ultimately stressing——–because——- it’s a lot. 

IT IS A LOT and we are ALL TIRED. FRUSTRATED, and over it. I’ll bet you are too.

Back to my excuse reason, for not blogging:

Last night, after my youngest finally clicked SUBMIT (I hope) for his Biology Lab, Algebra assignment, and studied for his quiz, he plopped down on an over-sized chair with a fluffy after-Christmas-sale pillow and a cozy blanket. It was 11:30. My blogging time is always after 11…because that’s when the lights are out upstairs, country/pop/music, or white noise is humming and everyone is typically in bed…even the dogs. So now I had company, my sleepy son. I flipped on the TV and we started watching an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” which I think is hysterical. 

My son and I watched Raymond’s family antics, laughed out loud and within minutes,

FELL ASLEEP! Until 4:30! Thankfully it was not a baseball workout morning since 4:30 is the time he usually gets up to get ready.

Gee Whiz. I slept through my blogging time. I didn’t press PUBLISH. 

So I asked for grace. And here I sit. Ready to click PUBLISH.

On Faith and Fitness:

Say your prayers before bed every night and get as much sleep as you can! You’ll be grateful you did!

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