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Do you judge others? We all do…

Lenten Reflections #17

I repeat myself…a lot. Today my self-talk took a road down Judgement Lane way too many times. In fact, I told myself – out loud, “Stop being judgey!” at least 12 times.

Who knows if “judgey” is even a word, but it rolls off my tongue almost too easily. Sometimes I use “judgey” as an introduction to a critisism, like this: “I don’t mean to be judgey, but…”. Or I may say, “Here I go getting judgey again…”. Eloquent lines? No. Unnecessary? Yes.

So I thought back to one of my favorite things Pope Francis has said,

Honestly? He’s right.

Here we are…muddling through a pandemic, lost jobs, hunger, emotional stress, worry, fear, and so much more. Let’s not judge but rather carry each other through these troubled waters as He leads us on.

On Faith and Fitness:

Think about this while you go for a walk today:

God Himself doesn’t propose to judge a man until he is dead.
So why should you?

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Do you judge others? We all do…

  1. Hi Luke,
    I’m in VA for my son’s baseball game and thought of you and Justin. Googled, and here I am. I hope you are well and that we might all catch up soon. I still have the screwdriver on my keychain.


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