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Pedal and Pray

Lenten Reflections #6

I did two things this morning after my alarm went off 12 times and my husband reminded me 17 times that I wanted to get up and ride the spin bike before work.

  1. I rode the spin bike – because every day is better if you start with a workout.
  2. I listened to daily mass – because prayer and meditation play second fiddle WAY too often in my life.

I suppose I was multi-tasking. Lately, this act of doing multiple jobs at the same time is less respected and thought to be counterproductive as the brain is not designed to focus on several activities simultaneously. In fact, MIT neuroscientist Earl Miller says multitasking causes inefficiency and lack of productivity.

But this morning, I needed both. The physical boost to help me through the day and the spiritual levity to focus on teaching and serving others.

So as I rode, I was transported (on my phone) to a small historic chapel in Toronto called the Loretto Abbey Chapel. In response to today’s world, the lovely Father John Bertao, suggested focusing on the Lord’s Prayer and how it can guide us. “Give us this day our daily bread” is a plea to give not only to our own families but to share what we have with others.

He referred to Professor Tom Wright’s book, God and the Pandemic, and the need for all of us to lament. Wright charges us all to turn inward during this most challenging time, and ask ourselves: who is most at risk, what needs to be done, and who shall we send? As we long for peace and prayer, we are called to serve others and lament for the world. Wright says as we lament for the world, and “When we have done all we can — reflect on our helplessness and remember God is still in charge.”

Even though I multi-tasked and didn’t necessarily get my heart rate high enough or kneel during the mass, I started the day right and felt both spiritually and physically nourished.

On faith and fitness…walk and pray. Get outside distance yourself, take off your mask, and just breath.

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