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Pray, fast, give alms…

Lenten Reflections #4

Bishop Robert Barron founded the Catholic ministerial organization Word on Fire, and is widely known as the Bishop of social media. During the first portion of the pandemic, Bishop Barron said daily mass on his website and now delivers relatable and thought provoking sermons every Sunday. He has a calm, measured, and concise delivery of messages we should all heed.

This week he focused on the opportunities we all have during Lent. Chief among them are prayer, fasting and alms giving. As with all behavior changes, there must be something driving the alteration. According to BJ Fogg’s book, Tiny Habits, There’s got to be motivation to do the behavior. Second is the ability to do the behavior. And the third is a prompt. The prompt is anything that reminds you or says, “Do this behavior now.” And when those three things come together at the same moment, a behavior happens.

Bishop Barron tells us to “pick up our game” when it comes to prayer. Dig through the drawer with all the prayer cards and pencils and find that Rossary. Kneel, sit, stand, whatever you prefer, just TAKE THE TIME to pray.

Fast. Find what is dominating your life and limit it. As kids we gave up Coke, not sure why because we rarely had it, but we did it. Should you fast from Tik Tok? Sugar? Salt? You know what it is. TAKE THE TIME to curb your habits.

Give alms. Bishop Barron suggests helping anyone in need, and show our love by sharing what we have. Make the sacrifice. TAKE THE TIME to give freely.

This Lent, take the time to Pray, fast and give alms and listen to the full sermon here: Word on Fire

On faith…

“Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God.”

-John of Damascus

On fitness…

Pray the Rosary, say a few Our Fathers, or meditate for 5 full minutes.

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