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Do I need to wear a mask when I run outside?

We are all home, and as runners, all we want to do is get outside and move.

BUT after we lace-up, should we strap on masks too?

For all-things-running, I went straight to my favorite resource, Runner’s World Magazine.

Here’s what they say:

Rachel Levine, M.D., Pennsylvania’s secretary of health, suggested that cloth face coverings may not be necessary when out for solo exercise if you will be in a place you won’t encounter anyone else. There is no advantage to wearing a face covering if you are not going to be near people at all, explains Ferrari.

“And that’s what we should be striving for, keeping big distances,” Ferrari says. “Face coverings do two possible things—they contain spread from the ill and prevent inhalation in the healthy. The degree to which they achieve these things is debated, but one thing is not: they are only really effective if used properly. And most people are not trained to use masks properly. Even taking a mask on and off incorrectly can be risky and increase your hand-to-mouth exposure.”

“Wearing a Buff or other moisture-wicking face covering while running as well as maintaining at least a six-foot distance from others may help cut down on droplets being spread to others due to heavy breathing if you’re in an area where you may encounter others, Nieman says.”


  1. We can run outside as long as we keep the six-foot distance from other runners or walkers.
  2. We don’t need to wear a mask when exercising outside, however, we must maintain the six-foot rule.
  3. We can workout at home and focus on strength training or flexibility.
  4. We should eat nutritiously to boost our immune systems.
  5. We should stay home and rest if we feel sick as to not spread the virus to others.

So get outside, go the distance and keep your distance!

Take care!  –


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