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The one thing all of us need right now…

There are typically two things lately all of us can count on – – laundry and being home…but one thing has changed for all of us.

Just a few weeks ago we could chat with friends when we picked our kids up from school, share stories in the teacher’s lounge, or comment on the bargain price of blueberries at Sprouts in the checkout line.

At sporting events for our kids, we’d tell each other about our teenager’s latest drama or success…and at church, we could discuss the “longer than usual” homily.

Right now, all of that interaction has come to a screeching halt. And whether we think we crave it or not, the truth is we all need…


So pick up the phone. Don’t text. Dial a number, call someone and ask how they are and REALLY, REALLY listen to the answer.

Word for 2013 - LISTEN UP! | Mother teresa quotes, Mother teresa ...

As we wade through the same gigantic dismal swamp every day, trying to squelch the worry and focus on the positive. The therapy we need right now (and down the road) is simply someone to listen, be there for someone.

Spiritual Workout:

Here’s what I’ve been trying at home…well, me and the dogs. 

More listening, less talking.

More wags, less barking.

More giving, less taking.

More compassion, less selfishness.

More sharing, less hoarding.

More patience, less haste.

As Mother Theresa said:

Workout: Remember to pace yourself as a parent and a runner. Life is like a marathon: relish the downhills, reset on the flat road and power fiercely up those inclines. The race is shorter than you think.

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