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The road less traveled…COVID-19 lessons learned from Milan

Lenten Reflections #20

As we all navigate the rocky Coronavirus road we’ve been forced upon, there are lessons to be learned.

Every day it feels as if the tunnel we are living in narrows and we are destined to endure in our homes just a little longer. And why wouldn’t we when we know it’s the right thing to do?

Yet I for one am guilty of going out to buy Cheerios, arugula and duct tape. Clearly, not necessities but they are items that bring a semblance of normalcy to our day.

I think about my parents in New Mexico who long for their Sunday mornings at church, routine visits to the doctor’s office, and jaunts to the grocery store. My sisters have them in lockdown. At 84, Dad loves outings and is pining to go to Home Depot. Meanwhile, my oldest sister has plotted to break a chair so Dad has something to fix…a project to keep him at home. Thank goodness for a big back yard. It affords them walks and fresh air.

There are benefits to being home. Badminton games played in the backyard, quiet times when everyone appears to be working, and extra time to call family. Then there are those times when I wish the kids would socially distance themselves from one another to limit the arguing…and the times when we are forced to work through the disagreements…because we only have each other and we better get along.

There is one thing I keep reminding myself and any of my children who will listen…we’re not in this alone. Kids everywhere are missing sports, time with friends, even lunch in the cafeteria. Yes. We’re all in this together.

Following the reading of this article by Jenna Pallio, a native New Yorker, living in Milan, I knew I had to share it. We can all learn from her experience…so far.

Here’s the article:

My Family Has Been Quarantined In Italy For Four Weeks

I know my kids better than I ever have.

I look into their eyes more and they look into mine. We have more inside jokes in these last weeks than we’ve had in months.

Stay safe. Get fresh air. Love your family.

Pray for others.

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