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Six-year-old chatter

Lenten Reflections: Day #11

I’m teaching a first-grade class while their regular teacher is on maternity leave. When I was considering taking the job, the teacher told me about 37,000 times, “there are 26 kids, it’s a lot.” I thought about 26. Heck, 26 letters in the alphabet and I can rattle that off in seconds. 26 is just two more than two dozen eggs, simple math. 26 is even less than the shortest month of the year.

Turns out 26 little six-year-old lives come with 26 powerful voices, 26 passionate opinions, and at least 26 different stories they HAVE TO share RIGHT NOW!

In that spirit, I will include as many lessons, questions, comments or statements shared by these kiddos.

After all, we should all hear about life from a child’s perspective.


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