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Driveway Moments

Have you ever made that last turn into your driveway while roughly-harmonizing with Tom Petty’ s Free Fallin’ …or became so glued to a Teri Gross interview with Toni Morrison that you stay in the car for just one more minute to listen or sing or connect?

Maybe you are just so excited that the used car you bought came with heated seats, that you enjoy the comfort while listening to the last at-bat of the Braves game.

That is your “driveway moment”.

The Urban Dictionary defines the driveway moment as “the inability to leave one’s car after arriving at the destination because of the riveting nature of a story you’re listening to on the radio; especially on NPR.”

I’ve sat in our minivan riveted to a story about American chestnut trees and how they are nearly extinct due to a disease called “chestnut blight.” Another kept me listening to why PLAY is critical for children’s social and neurological development.

Whatever keeps you planted in your driveway after a long commute or a jaunt to the grocery store, take just one MORE minute and listen to someone else’s story, or sing at the top of your lungs and help John Mellencamp remind Jack and Diane to “Hold on to sixteen as long as you can!”

Maybe you’ll discover a tidbit about Toni Morrison like I did…she became a Catholic at age 12, nice connection.

What was your latest driveway moment?



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