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Prayer and pain


I went for a run today and thought about the power of prayer. How calm, meditative thought can really center the mind body and spirit. Yes! I’ve got it! I’m definitely going to write about prayer.

After about 200 yards, my mindset shifted quicker than a teenager’s mood (from what I’ve heard). I made my first turn and the same ankle pain I’ve had for a few years sent me a nasty gram reminding me to stop overusing it. I ignored it, hence the name, and kept going. Did the pain subside? A little. It went on its own journey to my knee, hip and settled in the ankle. But you run on, right? And it could always be worse.

Pain is subjective. Things are going to hurt. At every doctor’s appointment, there are four vital signs which are assessed:  body temperature, blood pressure, pulse (heart rate), and breathing rate (respiratory rate).

“In 2001, the Joint Commission rolled out its Pain Management Standards, which helped grow the idea of pain as a “fifth vital sign.” It required healthcare providers to ask every patient about their pain, given the perception at the time was that pain was undertreated.” (MedLife)download

Tough assessment. What if my pain level of “6” is your “2”.


What about our kids? Last week while at the pediatrician, I shockingly had time to sit and overanalyze the smiley face chart designed for children 3 and older to facilitate communication about, you guessed it! Pain.download2

Again, it’s going to vary. My frowny face might be your googly-eyed happy face. However, if I was a six-year-old in the doctor’s office with the prospect of skipping out with a couple Bugs Bunny Bandaids, I’m going 8, 9 or 10. No Brainer.

Each of us has a tolerance level. I wonder how little paper cuts can hurt SO much. The pain radiates! I’m all for going green, but sometimes I think I want to go paperless just to avoid the paper cuts. So my pain threshold might be pretty low.

Yesterday I stubbed my toe (!) and I asked God (nicely) why he made my little pinky toe fit perfectly between a door jam.  As Charlie’s brother would say, “IT REALLY HURT”. Following the stub, I’m always shocked when I can hop away from the door on the opposite foot (the one with the bad ankle). God is pretty crafty.

Prayer and pain. We pray for our friends who suffer from pain, our family members who have chronic pain, and everyone who walks through life hiding it.

I pray any emotional, physical or mental pain you feel subsides.

Run on. Pray more.



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