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Where will you park during Lent? Lenten Blog #2

Yesterday at mass, I parked at the bottom of an incline away from the church. I knew it was going to be busy, so I made the executive decision to park in the first spot I saw and make it in time for the start of mass rather than hope there were spots closer and get caught backtracking.

It was the safe choice.

Of course, after climbing the hill, there was a sea of parking spaces waiting for the rest of the Ash Wednesday crowd to arrive. I was grateful. You see, usually, I’m the latecomer and I felt like my path to almsgiving had been paved by saving all those spaces for families that just couldn’t get out the door. I could relate.

As we waited for Mass to begin, I thought about my Lenten plan and wondered if I would make the safe choice as I did when parking. Simply slide into the easiest Lenten Promise possible. Perhaps give up blue cheese — the only cheese in the history of cheese I’ve ever disliked. Or maybe I could ban myself from (super scary) horror movies for 40 days. Ha!

No matter our age, I feel we are all constantly cruising around the parking lot of life jockeying for the perfect space. Even our kids who we über around, are longing to leave their mark and figure out where they fit in. I’ve devised four parking styles based on my numerous years of searching for spots and attempting to leave my mark.

Where do you park? Here is your parking horoscope…of sorts…

  1. If you park in the BACK of the parking lot: You’re a WORKER BEE

Interpretation – You’re the worker bee, willing to go the extra steps to your destination. You might even be so bold to take up more than one parking spot if you REALLY love your car.

  1. If you back in for the quick getaway: You’re a TRAILBLAZER

Interpretation – You take on new tasks, knowing you’re going to just dabble and then move on to the next challenge. Note: Truth be told, I back in when parking at church, but simply for the “ease” of getting out of the busy lot. Really.

  1. If you parallel park: You’re a RISK TAKER

Interpretation – You’re a risk taker and are willing to squeeze into any situation no matter the difficulty

  1. If you drive up and down the rows until a perfect spot opens up: You’re A PATIENT SOUL

Interpretation: You’re level-headed and know it’s worth it to wait it out until the spot you want opens up.

We are all constantly searching for who we are, discovering our “why” and carving out how we are going to make a difference in the world. Wherever we park, whatever choices we make, we have to believe in them.

Please note: on those tougher than normal days, you may need to take the subway, ride your bike or carpool.

Fitness Journey

Park your car and take time to enjoy the outdoors. Go for a walk, hike or challenge yourself and tackle a run.

A day with fitness makes everything better!

Spiritual Workout

Steer away from gossip and pray for those you know need it the most.

Have faith, stay fit and hug your friends and family.



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