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Get Moving Seniors! Part 1

Up and down streets in our suburban world “Over 55” neighborhoods are sprouting as prevalently as the showy Crepe Myrtles lining the streets. “Senior Living!” signs are displayed touting the joy you can have in a neighborhood where the couple next door to you are no strangers to clothes lines, Jello molds and Buddy Holly…back in the day. But are you really a Senior if you’re only 55? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Age 65 is still the standard senior-citizen threshold for Medicare, but the tipping-point age elsewhere can vary from 38 to 80. Nonetheless, no matter the age or where you live, all Senior Citizens need to take the time to take care of themselves and get moving!

Here are four ways to get started:

  1. For endurance, take a brisk walk or jog around the block or at a local track.
  2. For strength, lift weights or use resistance band exercises to build muscle.
  3. For balance, sign up for a local yoga or pilates class. Good balance prevents falls.
  4. For flexibility, stretch your muscles throughout the day

Tomorrow, my dear parents will be married for 58 years and are perfect examples of Senior Citizens who take care of themselves, and each other. Of course they appreciate the senior discounts on Wednesdays at the grocery stores and Goodwill and indulge in a good early bird special – as long as there’s gluten-free menu for mom.  They are also excellent at keeping themselves busy. Dad’s worked numerous jobs, retired about three times, and is still working at 82. Mom worked in my high school for years, is a master seamstress, and can make anything grow in her garden even with the mere 12 drops of rain New Mexico receives per month. Mom and Dad putz around the yard, make crazy U-turns for garage sales and wash, mend, rebuild, and upholster their treasures for resale.

In my next post, I’ll fill you in on one of my parent’s secret to keep their bodies moving. It involves a big tree, a shovel, and a lot of dirt.

Stay tuned.

Dig Deep: If you have a way to calculate your steps, up your goal by 1,000 steps today. Take the stairs when they are available and go an extra flight up to help reach your daily goal.

Back Pocket Prayer, in honor of Earth Day:

O God, enlarge within us the sense of fellowship with all living things, our brothers the animals [and all creatures] to whom you gave the earth as their home in common with us. We remember with shame that in the past we have exercised the high dominion of humans with ruthless cruelty so that the voice of the earth, which should have gone up to you in song, has been a groan of travail. May we realize that all creatures live not for us alone but for themselves and for you, and that they love the sweetness of life. Amen. © 2018 Catholic Health Association of the United States

– Words from BASIL THE GREAT

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