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Lost Tooth, Last Tooth: Part 2

40 Reflections #29:

40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Last Tooth – Braces Train

In an effort to help our daughter stay at a good braces pace (off before high school), it was recommended she have a few teeth pulled. When I say a few, I lie. Five teeth. Five! So nearly two years ago we had those teeth yanked and are STILL awaiting the arrival of the new dental dignitaries. Not an easy task when you’re 15.

One thing you should know about our daughter’s character is how it oozes with humility, wit, and just the right amount of fierce needed to reel in her brothers. Simply put, she is a good sport. Not only in the sense of someone who helps their teammate up after a tumble, but that person who has the rare ability to find humor and calm in the hand they were dealt, even if they don’t like playing cards. In her case it’s teeth that need time to grow. Good things do come to those who wait, but two years?

Not surprisingly, at our last appointment with the Orthodontist, she was handed a little yellow slip requesting one more tooth be pulled. I REALLY questioned the pull this time. They showed me where the new tooth was peeking out from behind the goner, so we decided to do it. Always trying to save money, our gal wiggled that tooth for two days straight. As stubborn as the rest, the tooth held strong, and we decided to go to the dentist, and have her LAST baby tooth pulled. No cute tooth necklace this time, just a little container I placed carefully in my purse for safekeeping. The end of an era.

In today’s world, going through orthodontia is as common as watching a DIY YouTube video to learn how to take apart the washing machine and find out what the heck is clanging around in there…maybe that’s just me.

Really, it’s rampant. In fact, at a recent dentist appointment, my husband was told he’d be a perfect candidate for Invisalign, the secret straighteners. After he was told the cost, and stopped laughing, he declined. We both agree there’s a point in life when we’re just too old for some things. So far braces and hoover boards are at the top of the list.

Dig Deep: Happy First Day of Spring! Spend some time gardening and prep the ground for planting yummy vegetables.

Lenten Challenge: Fast from self-concern; feast on compassion for others.


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