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Why Not Try?

40 Reflections – #3 On being Vulnerable: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Part 1:

“Write straight into the emotional center of things. Write toward vulnerability. Risk being unliked.”  – Anne Lamott

I’ve always had a passion for writing. At nine, I filled the lines of my diary with trips to Disney and life-changing walks home from school. In middle and high school, I packed numerous pages with poems. During and after college, I chronicled my travels to placid beaches in Mexico and being witness to newborns in India gently held over the smoke of hot coals to promote circulation.  Additionally, 15 years ago, when the pink line on the little white stick silently announced motherhood was on deck in my life, I slid my mouse over the word “File”, clicked “New Document”, and 16 years later I pore over hundreds of records of family life — the wild and the wicked.

When the idea of blogging was planted in my head, I loved the thought, but as I typed my stories, the mere inclination of becoming transparent with the world (or my three followers- thanks mom, dad, and hubby), fear, and apprehension enveloped me.  I asked myself and continue to ask: Why should I share my thoughts? What if I offend or hurt someone inadvertently? Who would want to hear what I have to say? Frankly, I can be a little snarky.  Uh oh, people will hate me!

Putting your self “out there” is scary. It’s unsettling. It’s a risk…and somehow, concurrently, it is transforming, cathartic, beautiful, and emancipating.

I will continue my thoughts on vulnerability in Part 2 because my son just announced: “It’s 11:11! Make a wish.”

So here’s mine:  to serve, share, and press PUBLISH with confidence.

Dig Deep:  After your next run do a 25 rep challenge:  25 – squats, 25 – push-ups, 25 – sit-ups – REPEAT 3 TIMES!

LENTEN CHALLENGE:  Say one decade of the Rosary today.


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One word to stop using…

40 Reflections – #2:  40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Ever wake up, glance at the clock, and say, “I SHOULD have gotten up earlier”? Only to follow it with I SHOULD have gone to the gym, prepped dinner, called my parents, run with the dogs, played with the kids, or checked the pockets for that pen before I tossed everything in the wash.

The “S” word is verifiably toxic, yet to avert our gaze away from what our lives would look like if we accomplished all of the SHOULDS is nearly impossible. Haven’t you marveled at the early birds who amble into work chatting about their early morning run, seamless commute, or the dinner menu they prepared for the month? Oh, and if you need the template, it’s on their blog.

When our minds harp on these unaccomplished actions, we sadly allow the only NOW we have to circle the drain.

Here are three ways to shake the SHOULD NARRATIVE:

  1. BE YOURSELF:  Change the lens through which you see yourself, and celebrate who you are and where you are today.
  2. ACCEPT AND ALLOW:  Your reality may be vacant of the plans you slated for your self-years ago, but by clutching onto the people we love, our SHOULD HAVE world dissipates. Some say, “Let go, Let God” it’s worth a shot.
  3. SET YOUR INTENTIONS: Our deepest hopes are shaped by our intentions. Step out of the noise, serve others, and find your passion, and share it!

As I finish this post I think about how I SHOULD have gone to bed earlier, cleaned the toilets, emptied the dishwasher, and bathed the dogs, but this time I’m going to “Let go and let God.”

P.S.:  Dear God, the bowls go in the cupboard on the left.

DIG DEEP:  On your next run, bring a friend, and you do the listening.

Lenten Challenge: Fast from meat on Fridays and one other weekday.



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A Spiritual Workout

40 Reflections: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Today is an opportunity.

Religious or not, we all crave a balanced life. Even a glimpse into a time when the pendulum swings equally to and from our emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Most days, I can only control the physical and go for a run, swim or walk.  However, when it comes to filling my spiritual well, I need focus.  Real focus.

Today is the beginning of a 40-day stretch when we are called to make a Lenten commitment. Here is a Spiritual Workout to take you a few steps closer to a harmonious life:

  1. Fasting –  take a break from foods, social media, gossip, or control, you know what you need to limit. Take the first step.  Practice self-restraint and be accountable.
  2. Almsgiving – I hear this word once a year…it makes me happy knowing I have a synonym for the words charitable and generous. So give what you can whether it be the gift of time, money, or stuff!
  3. Prayer – meditation, yoga, whatever you prefer, just find your quiet place, reflect, and embrace the silence.

May each day bring you closer to the calm, joyful life we all deserve.

Dig Deep: Pray during your next run.  Sometimes I say a rosary, or rather just a continuous loop of Hail Mary’s and call it a rosary.  🙂

Lenten Challenge: Try using the word consubstantial in a sentence.

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