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A Spiritual Workout

40 Reflections: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Today is an opportunity.

Religious or not, we all crave a balanced life. Even a glimpse into a time when the pendulum swings equally to and from our emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Most days, I can only control the physical and go for a run, swim or walk.  However, when it comes to filling my spiritual well, I need focus.  Real focus.

Today is the beginning of a 40-day stretch when we are called to make a Lenten commitment. Here is a Spiritual Workout to take you a few steps closer to a harmonious life:

  1. Fasting –  take a break from foods, social media, gossip, or control, you know what you need to limit. Take the first step.  Practice self-restraint and be accountable.
  2. Almsgiving – I hear this word once a year…it makes me happy knowing I have a synonym for the words charitable and generous. So give what you can whether it be the gift of time, money, or stuff!
  3. Prayer – meditation, yoga, whatever you prefer, just find your quiet place, reflect, and embrace the silence.

May each day bring you closer to the calm, joyful life we all deserve.

Dig Deep: Pray during your next run.  Sometimes I say a rosary, or rather just a continuous loop of Hail Mary’s and call it a rosary.  🙂

Lenten Challenge: Try using the word consubstantial in a sentence.

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