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What you see on the run…

40 Reflections – #12: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

I’m going for the “run on” part of my blog.  My husband suggested writing a continuous run on about my thoughts, and boy do they run on and on and on…
Here is a view from an eight mile run a while back:
I constantly look around as I run, perhaps it’s to distract my mind from the hills and distance, or simply my habit of vigilance and safety.  Whatever the reason, on any run the best part is taking in the surroundings.
We’ve run around sparkling lakes in New York, darted around Boulder’s trendy downtown, and kicked up the sand on Destin’s serene beaches. Every run, no matter where you are,  has memorable vistas.
On this particular run in Marietta, GA, the entertaining sights did not disappoint.
Within the first mile, I glanced up and saw two horses plodding through the drive through at Burger King, a rare sighting. Clearly taking larger strides than I was, I passed the same horses on a four lane parkway as I jumped over the piles they dropped.  Finally, on my way home, a man strolling down the sidewalk sporting a colorful beanie, pulled out a neon green bubble wand and blew bubbles for me to run through.
In any run or race, no matter the length, there’s an energy which magnetizes you, virtually cradling you through the finish line. Sometimes the spirit comes from the 10,000 other  runners weaving through the Magic Kingdom 10K, or a joyful fellow with a bubble wand.
One guarantee is, there’s never a dull run…you just have to take the first step to get the best view.

Dig Deep: After a run, write in your journal and document what you saw.

Lenten Blessings: As you pray the Rosary, think about your breathing, and keep it calm and relaxed.

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