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Thanks NPR

40 Reflections – #10: 40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Listening to NPR is my daily ritual bringing me joy, comfort, bliss, and calm.

NPR is kind of like laundry. They’re both faithfully present, easy to sort through, and always clean and true in the end.

Today I heard a story about Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez the songwriting duo behind the omnipresent song “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Aiming for a non-traditional Disney song, the lyrics were written with a profound emotional core in mind.

Ms. Anderson-Lopez spoke in words that connected me immediately to her message, and came at the time when I was heading for my run. I was ready to clear my mind, and even though so many joints in my body hurt, the run always helps (runonmom). Anderson-Lopezs’ kind voice came over the radio as if she was chatting with me, directly, and any mom or woman listening.

When discussing the meaning of “Let It Go”, she stated, “…as a female writer and a mom and a wife, you just spend so much time, at least I spend so much time, trying to be good at all those things, trying to be good at relationships and a good mom and a good citizen of the world and also try and fit into the jeans and look good on the red carpet. And sometimes you just have to go you know what, something’s got to slide here. I need some French fries.”

She went on, “Let It Go” is a “hope that you never let fear or shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are.”

As women we push ourselves to do it all. Play with our kids more, yell less. Cook healthy meals, avoid sugar. Encourage responsibility, don’t nag. Listen more, text less. Sing louder. Pray deeper. Impart praise, dodge judgement. Call home daily, equally cherish the present, and our roots.

Ultimately, the more we “Let Go” of the superfluous stuff, compounded worries, and useless anger, the closer we’ll come to knowing our true, best selves.

Thank you NPR for making every day better.

Dig Deep: Just go on the run, it will stink at the beginning and glorify you in the end.

Lenten Prayer: Let go, let God.

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