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Breast Banter

40 Reflections – #6:  40 days of raw recollections during the Lenten Season

Driving home today with our kids, in our new-to-us Buick, the phone rang and I answered pressing the accept button on the fancy screen thinking it was my husband. Instead of the happy hubby “Hello!”, I heard an all-business voice booming from the Bose speakers. “This is Sondra calling from the Mammogram Scheduling Center, I have an order here to schedule your next mammogram.” I could only imagine how many times this office had called over the last few months to schedule, but not recognizing the number, I let it go to voicemail.

So when this call came in (even though I had extra ears in the car) I knew I should proceed, as it would be absolutely foolish and irresponsible if I didn’t schedule. As the woman pressed further for verification of birthday, address, etc., I asked my technologically savvy son to try and switch the phone out of speaker mode to perhaps provide a little privacy, but there was no time.

The series of questions began – are you pregnant? Do you have breast implants? Any concerns about your breasts over the last few months? The questions continued and I had to giggle. My kids rarely watch PG-13 movies, yet they had just heard the word breast 39 times coupled with a full conversation about my breast health.

I continued to make the appointment, hollered out answers, the kids snickered, and life continued.

Bottom line:

  • Always, always make your appointments even if you have an audience while scheduling.

  • Our lives are too important to our family and friends to overlook our health.

  • Early detection saves lives.

Dig Deep: Schedule your annual physical and mammogram today!

Lenten Challenge: Pray for those who do not have access to health care.


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