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40 Day Challenge – what will you do?

40 Days of Raw Refelctions

Day #1

The season of Lent is underway. Forty days dedicated to almsgiving, sacrifice, commitment and since the world is desperate for more of it, kindness.

We arrived at Ash Wednesday mass tonight and parking was sparse. During mass, my daughter returned from the bathroom and told me in her loud church whisper that the sacristy (church lobby) was full of faithful Catholics waiting for the next mass. “It’s like Black Friday out there!” she said.

And why wouldn’t it be? Lent is like a do-over or second chance scenario.

Pope Francis said,

Lent…is a time of grace during which we can change our lives by letting God gaze upon us with love.

The Pope noted that the ashes on our foreheads should influence the thoughts passing through our minds.

He said we should ask ourselves,

“What am I living for?”

If we live for fleeting, worldly realities, then we spend our lives chasing after dust, moving backward from life to ashes. But, he said, if we live to love and make God’s dream a reality, then we allow the fire of love to be kindled in our hearts.

We are all broken and flawed, yet we are also wildly unique and extraordinary. Together, let’s take the next 40 days and find more of who we are and how we can make a difference in our world. 


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